‘Epicormic’ Dining Table

This table was designed and made by James Ryan (b.1972) in the Edward Barnsley Workshop in Froxfield, Hampshire.

The burr oak, single slab oval top comes from the Scottish borders and is in the region of 170 years old. The slab is remarkable both for its size and for the density of its burr figuring. The slab presented some challenges as its width exceeded the capacity of the workshop machinery. To solve this problem, James constructed a special device that allowed the slab to be flattened and cut to an even thickness.

This new table design incorporates two innovative features. Firstly, the double-angled leg design effectively triangulates the supporting structure. The doubling up allows each individual leg to be reduced in thickness and to have as slender a shape as possible. Secondly, each leg is constructed from 21 oak laminates. These laminates are tapered to ensure their strength is retained from the top of the leg to the bottom.

The leg structure and underframe, like the top, are made using from oak from the Scottish Borders. The oak for the under-structure was cut in 2017 at a sawmill in Northampton and then dried in the Barnsley Workshop’s seasoning sheds. The oak legs and underframe have been ebonised using a solution of vinegar and ferric oxide.

The table top was selectively filled with clear epoxy resin followed by three coats of matt oil. The table is 210 cm high, 110cm wide and 74 cm high. The Barnsley Workshop stamp is on the underside of the central rail.

This table is the second of a limited edition of two.

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