‘Repose’ Mk. IV

This chair was designed by James Ryan (b.1972) and made in the Edward Barnsley Workshop in Hampshire. It is the latest in a series of elegant rocking chairs created by James Ryan.

All the chair’s components are worked by hand. On this version there are areas that have been given a gouged finish. The sitter can touch and feel the tool marks left by the maker. The chair is made using Hampshire oak, carefully seasoned in our drying sheds. The natural appearance of the oak has been subtly darkened by fuming.

The leather upholstery was carried out by Bill Amberg Studios using a beautifully figured aniline-dyed skin with a natural glazed finish. The natural patterns in the leather compliment the chair.

James Ryan says, ‘With this chair, I have refined the curve and arrangement of the back bars to create a complex three-dimensional shape that makes it extremely comfortable. The sculpted silhouette and graceful curves of this rocking chair are easy on the eye and create a feeling of relaxation and repose.’

The Barnsley Workshop stamp and edition number can be found on the inside edge of one of the rockers. The dimensions of the chair are 65 cm wide, 109 cm deep and 108 cm high.

The chair is the first in a limited edition of eight.

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