Visit to The Department for Education


This is National Apprentice week and we were very pleased to have been invited to meet Damian Hinds our local MP and Secretary of State for Education at his Cabinet office. Damian’s office is appointed with a very fine suite of furniture designed and made in Edward Barnsley’s workshop in 1960.


Our day began with a superb tour of the Palace of Westminster by a very knowledgeable tour guide. The mixture of history, ceremony and tradition was extremely interesting and enlightening to learn more about.


It was wonderful to actually be stood in the House of Lords and House of Commons chambers, both of which are smaller and more intimate than one imagines.


The last part of our visit was to Sanctuary Buildings which houses the offices of the Department for Education. We met Damien in his cabinet office surrounded by elegant Edward Barnsley furniture still fulfilling its original purpose almost 60 years after it was made.


Damian was very interested in the apprentice training we offer and how our apprentices Ian, Warren and Simon were getting on. He also enquired as to the progress of our fundraising appeal.


A big thank you to Damian for thinking of us and taking the time out of his busy schedule. We were extremely well looked after by Damian’s staff and our thanks to all who made the visit possible.




March 6, 2018