Edward Barnsley Educational Trust

Edward Barnsley CBE (1900-1987) was an important furniture-maker. He established his workshop in rural Hampshire in 1923. Since 1980, training in his workshop has been supported by the Edward Barnsley Educational Trust. The Trust was set up by a group of people who wanted the knowledge and skills built up in the Barnsley Workshop to be passed on to future generations of furniture makers. The Trust has enabled over seventy apprentices and pupils to become skilled furniture-makers. Today, helped by the hard work of the supporters and employees of the Trust over many years, the Barnsley Workshop continues to produce exceptional furniture and remains a unique, wonderful place where people want to come to learn the craft.

In the early years of the Trust, the buildings were purchased from Tania Barnsley, Edward’s widow, securing the long-term future of the workshop. As well as supporting training in the workshop, the Trust maintains the adjoining cottage, where it displays furniture and houses an archive of over 4,000 of Edward’s drawings together with Edward’s extensive correspondence and photographs of many of his pieces.

Funding for the Trust comes from the sale of furniture, and from donations and grants given by individuals, organisations and the Friends of the Edward Barnsley Educational Trust. Our supporting organisations are listed below. We are extremely grateful to them, and to all our many unacknowledged supporters.

In 2019, we updated the charitable structure of the Edward Barnsley Educational Trust to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The Charity Commission required us to set up a new charity. The new organisation continues to be called the Edward Barnsley Educational Trust, but has a new charity number (1182709). Our objectives and activities remain unchanged. Our assets were transferred to the new CIO on 1 January 2020. The details of the old and new charities can be seen on the Charity Commission website.

Current Trustees

Tom Black D Phil (Oxon)

Milan Cvetkovic MA (Oxon)

William Clifford Maurice Jackson

Paul Martin MA (RCA) FCSD

Rodney Kington McMahon BA FCA (Chairman)

Peter Taylor

The Trusts Deeds

As set out in its deeds, the Trust’s charitable objects are:

  1. To assist persons who are in need of financial assistance and who are preparing for, entering upon or engaged in the craft of handmade furniture making by providing them with tools, outfits or by paying fees, travelling or maintenance expenses or by such other means for their advancement in life to enable them to earn their living as the trustees think fit;
  2. In otherwise promoting the education and training of such persons;
  3. To preserve and maintain for the public benefit the Edward Barnsley archive.


The Edward Barnsley Educational Trust is extremely grateful for the generous support given by the following organisations:

Association for Cultural Exchange
The Antony Hornby Charitable Trust
Annesley (CLW) Trust
The Arts Society
The Art Workers Guild
The Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust
The Belmont Trust
The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation
The Brewers’ Society
The Broderers’ Charity Trust
The Carpenters’ Company Charitable Trust
The Charlotte Bonham-Carter Charitable Trust
The Chase Trust
The Comino Foundation
The Cinderford Charitable Trust
The Crafts Council
The Crafts Study Centre
The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust
The Drapers’ Company
The Dulverton Trust
East Hampshire District Council
The Edward Hornby Charitable Trust
Ellis Campbell Charitable Foundation
English Woodlands Timber
The Ernest Cook Trust
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation
The Fine Art Society
Fitton Trust
The Foundation for Sports and the Arts
The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers
The Gane Charitable Trust
Garfield Weston Foundation
The Golsoncott Foundation
The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust
The Grocers’ Charity
The Haberdashers’ Company
Hampshire & Isle of Wight Area Arts Society
Hampshire Archives Trust
Hampshire County Council
Hargreaves and Ball Trust
The Harley Foundation
The Headley Trust
Hedley Foundation
The Helen Hamlyn Trust
The Idlewild Trust
J S Trust
The Jane Hodge Foundation
The Kobler Trust
The de Laszlo Foundation
The Leche Trust
The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund
The Leverhulme Trust
The Lionel Wigram Memorial Trust
The Lord Faringdon Charitable Trust
The Lynn Foundation
Magdelen College, Oxford
The Manifold Charitable Trust
Marks and Spencer
The Mercers’ Company
The Mikado Trust
The Monument Trust
Newby Trust
Petersfield Area Arts Society
The Pilgrim Trust
Pyke Charity Trust
The Radcliffe Trust
The Rank Foundation
Rowan Bentall Charitable Trust
Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851
Schroder Charity Trust
Southdown Trust
The Tudor Trust

Apprentices and Fee-Paying Pupils



Colin Eden-Eadon Apprentice 1981-1986
Giles Garnham Apprentice 1981-1984
Robert Lawrence Apprentice 1981-1984
Darren Harvey Apprentice 1984-1988
Christopher Butler Pupil, Craftsman 1985-1989
Michael Shally Apprentice 1985-1989
Frank Roper Pupil 1986-1987
Hamish Low Pupil, Craftsman 1987-1989
Adam Gamble Apprentice, Craftsman 1987-1994
Stephen Rock Apprentice, Craftsman-Tutor 1988-1996, 2001-Present
Phillip Brown Apprentice, Workshop Manager 1989-1992, 1996-2002
Sean Casey Trainee-Craftsman 1989-1990
Richard Ash Craftsman 1990-1992
Timothy Boyle Craftsman 1990-1991
Robert Surgey Trainee-Craftsman 1990-1992
Yasunori Nagao Pupil 1990
Frederik Lundquist Pupil 1992
Colin Norgate Apprentice, Craftsman 1992-2005
James Ryan Apprentice, Designer-Manager 1992-Present
Bjorn Wenzel Pupil 1993
Anya Himmelsbach Apprentice 1993-1994
Stephen Lamont Pupil, Craftsman-Tutor 1994, 1996-2000
Gunnar Good Pupil 1995-1996
Duncan Hitchins Apprentice 1995-1998
Simon Owen Apprentice, Craftsman 1996-2003, 2005-2008
Theo Cook Apprentice, Craftsman 1997-2004
Vincent Large Apprentice 1998-2001
Hakan Erlandson Pupil 1999
Simon Pretty Apprentice, Craftsman 2000-2005
Graham Christmas Apprentice 2001-2004
Ross Clarke Apprentice 2002-2005
Alan Lord Pupil 2003
Tony Buskas Pupil 2003
Fredrik Gustavsson Pupil 2003
Gary Tuddenham Apprentice, Craftsman 2003-2008
James Oliver Apprentice 2004-2007
Max Edgar Pupil 2004-2005
Adam Finlay Pupil 2005
Joe Orchard Apprentice, Senior Craftsman 2005-2021
Samuli Maja Pupil 2005-2006
Aidan McEvoy Pupil 2005-2006, 2007
Ben Smith Apprentice 2006-2009
Nathan Day Pupil 2006-2007
Andrew Cunningham Apprentice, Trainee Craftsman 2007-2014
Daniel Pateman Apprentice 2007-2010
Robert Culverhouse Apprentice 2008-2009
Joshua Jaeger Apprentice 2008-2010
Nathanael Lloyd Apprentice 2008-2009
Stephen Bailey Pupil 2009
Christopher Wallis Apprentice, Craftsman 2009-2014
Douglas Williams Apprentice 2009-2011
Mark Tamcken Apprentice 2009-2010
Christopher Adkins Apprentice 2010-2012
William Church Apprentice 2010-2013
Laura Tunstall Apprentice, Design Assistant 2011-2012
Tomas Keogh Apprentice 2011-2013
Andrew Marsh Apprentice 2012-2014
Paulo De Vasconcelos Apprentice, Craftsman 2012-2016
Gary Ferguson Pupil 2013-2014, 2015
Daniel Humphreys Apprentice 2013-2014
David Williams Apprentice 2013-2016
Douglas Foster Apprentice 2014-2015
Sam Brister Apprentice 2014-2016
Edmund Barker Apprentice 2015-2016
Nathan Peach Apprentice 2015-2018
Ian Towers Apprentice 2016-2020
Warren Bentley Apprentice 2016-2018
Simon Bulley Apprentice 2017-2021
Joshua Pengelly Apprentice 2018-2019
Oscar Harris Apprentice 2019-Present
Max Shaw Apprentice 2019-2020
Chris Gunkel Apprentice 2021-Present
Luke Rawlinson Apprentice 2022-Present

Staff & Volunteers


Oskar Dawson Craftsman 1947-1984
Mark Nicholas Craftsman, Foreman 1974-2000
George Taylor Craftsman 1937-1941, 1946-1986
Karin Antonini Trust Secretary 1980-1997
Penny Laughton Archivist
David Butcher Teacher 1981-1982
Richard Elderton Foreman, Teacher 1983-1989
Jonny Kerr Treasurer
Rosemary Ryder Archivist
Lou Elderton Archivist
Elizabeth Brown Fundraiser
Pippa Hackett Trust Secretary, Archivist, Fundraiser 1997-2006
Martin Luke Treasurer
Robin Hasslacher Treasurer 1999-Present
Gilly Anderson Trust Secretary, Fundraiser 2006-2013

Former Trustees

Paul Barnes
Jon Barnsley
Peter Barnsley
Nicholas Blakstad
Michael Campbell
Barbara Gardner
Nigel Grimwood
Tim Hammond

Roderick Herdman
Gerry Jenkins
Ray Leigh
Martin Luke
David Medd
Mary Medd
Ian Newton
Don Porter

Roger Powell
Hugh Routh
Peyton Skipwith
Humphrey Sladden
Gonda von Stamford
Clive Stewart-Lockhart
Stephen Swaby
Frank Whiteman