Scorched Oak Occasional Table

This table belongs to a series of scorched oak pieces designed by James Ryan. The table is designed to be a companion piece to our Scorched Oak Rocking Chair. James Ryan says, ‘I designed this table to look as though it has been formed from a single block of wood. With a more conventional table the legs, rails and top are distinct components. However, on this piece, with its heavily rounded, sculpted appearance, I have blended the elements together. The blackened finish is important because, visually, it unifies the pieces of oak that are glued together to make up the table.’

The table is made from Hampshire oak, felled in 2008. That winter we cut the butt into quarter-sawn boards, and carefully seasoned them in on our drying sheds over the following seven years. The black, open-grained finish is achieved by first scorching and then wire brushing the surface. Finally, a solution of vinegar and iron oxide is applied to react with the tannins in the oak and turn the piece a deep black.

This square table is 36 x 36 cm and 60 cm high.

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