‘Repose Mk I’ Rocking Chair

This rocking chair is the first in a series of scrubbed oak pieces designed by James Ryan. The chair is made from Hampshire oak, carefully seasoned in on our drying sheds. The seat is woven with Danish cord. All the chair’s oak components are worked by hand into rounded shapes that are soft to the touch. Visually, the scrubbed finish is important  because it unifies the components. The finish is achieved by first bleaching and then scrubbing the surface of the wood with an abrasive cleaner. The chair is 65 wide, 109 deep and 108 high (cm).

James Ryan says, ‘Over many years I have refined the design of our wooden chairs to arrive at a back-shape which for most people offers comfortable support. The double curvature of the back bar arrangement supports the sitter. Comfort is key with this rocking chair. It is designed for tranquil repose. The sculpted arms of the rocker are inviting to the touch. With its graceful curves and precision joinery the chair is made for relaxation.’

The Barnsley Workshop stamp, date, maker’s mark and edition number can be found on the inside edge of one of the rockers. This rocking chair is the third in a limited edition of eight.

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